Damage pattern

The damage can be recognized by crumbling plaster, mold, loose tiles or a musty smell.

In most cases, the cause of a damp wall can be found in a missing or defective horizontal or vertical seal.

Due to the capillary effect, the masonry absorbs the moisture like a sponge – making it all the more important to dry the masonry quickly!

Possible causes

The capillary effect, a natural phenomenon that enables plants to feed and grow, becomes a central problem in water damage:

The porous building materials in the masonry suck moisture out of the ground like a sponge. Moisture rises due to capillary pressure, where it then evaporates. However, non-natural causes can also be a lack of horizontal or vertical sealing, poorly processed materials or thermal or cold bridges.

In principle, any damage must be assessed on site!

This is the only way to put together a coherent package of solutions.

Our solution approaches:

Wall drying


  • We use the product StoCryl HC 100 from STO LLC against rising damp in the masonry.
  • When drying the wall, holes are drilled into the masonry approx. 10 cm apart (height offset) and then the special agent StoCryl HC 100 is applied.

Processing flow / sample video:

Injection Grouting


  • 2-component synthetic resin or epoxy resin mixtures are used for crack injection. These substances are designed for reconnecting concrete elements. They close cracks or gaps in ceilings and masonry.
  • With this system, too, holes are drilled and special dowels are inserted. These dowels are backfilled with the desired synthetic resin under pressure. Due to the high pressure, the resins are distributed down to the smallest pores in the masonry and thus form a barrier layer or a connection of the masonry.

We offer more

We coordinate


  • Dredging (to expose masonry)
  • Waterproofing work outdoors
  • Plumbing work (pipe burst repair, repair work)
  • and much more…

After the initial on-site inspection and in coordination with the customer, an overall concept will be created with our services and those of our partner companies (reliable regional specialist companies).

When you place your order, we coordinate all of the work for you!

Your personal contact person

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