Here you will find a small selection of our projects, which should provide more insight into our work.

Water damage in a wooden house

! This construction site is not yet complete !

The initial situation was a damp spot on the ceiling under the walk-in shower on the upper floor.
After our initial admission, the full extent of the water damage could not be estimated. A leak detector was therefore commissioned to search for the cause of the damage.

Since it is a wooden house, after finding the cause, a test opening was made in the wall structure – unfortunately the moisture had already attacked the laminated construction timber (KLH) – mold formation/rotten wood surfaces
After clarification with the help of a structural engineer, the entire shower area was removed down to the raw ceiling. The affected wall and ceiling wood constructions were milled out by the carpenter and reinserted in a form-fitting manner.

The installation and tiling work is currently being carried out.
More updates and photos to follow……

Water damage in an old building

We were originally called to this site for a floor repair. The vinyl floor in the door area has deformed upwards and should be replaced on a small area.

A 3-layer parquet floor was laid under the removed vinyl floor – this has already dissolved due to the massive moisture.

In the adjoining bathroom, the tiles in the floor area gave way under load. A leak detection was commissioned and a long-standing leak in the boiler was found.….

Will be completed shortly!

Apartment conversion 9020

In this old building in the heart of Klagenfurt, the entire apartment renovation and conversion work – the kitchen becomes the bathroom and vice versa – was carried out with our partner professionals (demolition and disposal work, master builder / masonry work – / plumbing / electricial / tiling / glaziers / drywaller / carpentry / painting / flooring and cleaning work from our “Susi 2” well coordinated and supervised.


In the outbuilding to the main house, the owner had a problem with moisture penetrating through the wall-ceiling joints. Since there was a terrace above it and the whole building was built into the slope, digging up and sealing from the outside was out of the question.

The wall-ceiling joints were therefore pressed using the Sto crack injection system. As an additional measure, a joint sealing tape was also put in. The view was of course a little bonus.