How to do it yourself

What to do in the event of water damage?
Intervene to mitigate damage:

– Turn off the main water tap
– Wipe up water
– Protect furniture from water
– Report the damage to the insurance company
– Call OES GmbH +43 4242 31607 or +43 664/54 66 819

If water damage occurs, act quickly!

Water ingress in buildings often results in serious consequential damage:

Damp ceilings and floors, soaked insulation, wooden structures (wooden crossbeam ceilings) become rotten and lose their stability, peeling paint and loose patches of plaster, floors become deformed. To make matters worse, mold growth as a result of water damage poses a significant health risk to all residents and reduces the value of the entire home.

We’ll help you and your building get back on track!

After assessing the damage, we create an entire offer for the necessary work and, after you have commissioned it, coordinate this with the relevant professionals.

So you only need one contact person!

Your specialist for water damage restoration

Contact Philipp Michael Oblin
+43 664 4274250
or in the office at Karawankenweg 36, 9500 Villach.